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our story

how priya's flower garlands came to be

back in 2017, as I was planning my wedding, there were a lot of open-ends in terms of the overall vision. what I knew for sure though was that I wanted unique, luxe garlands for us, and a special turban for Hari.


this unique vision made things a little difficult, as what my (then) fiancé  and i had imagined wasn’t locally available. so we decided to bring it to life ourselves. I had a strong background in garland making from my years of seva rendered in the making of garlands for our local ISKCON temple, where I learned from experts who learned the intricate art in India, where each region has its own varying styles depending on the local flowers and seasons.

keeping the clothing, makeup, decor, venue, and our frames in mind, I custom-designed a never-before-seen garland from sketch to reality and was soon inspired to do the same for future brides. in addition to garlands, I grew my practice of this art by combining my passion and expertise for jewelry making. the combination of these two passions then developed into the myriad of different varieties of floral accessories that PFG now offers. 


it gives me great joy to contribute such an integral part of the marriage and pre-wedding ceremonies and to immortalize the flowers that are a part of the couple’s big day. 


be they fresh or faux, the pictures, videos, and memories will last forever.

our mission

priya's flower garlands is owned and run by two of us: myself and my husband - hari (maharaja pagdi & swords), with a passion and intention to introduce new ideas/trends to the indian wedding (floral) industry, while drawing inspiration from the ancient art form of garland making. 


from a full customer service experience, to modern and elegant floral designs, to connecting with our clients & supporters on a level not typical of indian businesses, priya's flower garlands strives to offer a uniquely tailored shopping experience.

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